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James D. Anderson Helps With Taxes In Newport Beach

By working with an expert to complete your taxes every year, you are ensuring you receive your complete tax benefits and remain in compliance with IRS regulations. James D. Anderson CPA offers experienced tax preparation services in Newport Beach for individuals and business owners. We’ll help you maximize your returns while legally minimizing your liabilities.

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Accurate and Always On Time

Completing and filing a Form 1040 on your own can be easy. However, business owners and independent professionals with multiple investments and sources of income face more significant difficulties. This particularly true when it comes to collecting all the necessary data to file their personal and business tax returns promptly.

James Anderson has decades of experience preparing taxes for the greater Newport Beach area, providing services in-person, over the phone, or virtually, as best suits the specific needs of our clients. We work where and when it’s most convenient for you. Our team prepares your returns with high accuracy and efficiency to make sure you don’t overpay and avoid penalties.

James D. Anderson CPA leaves no stone left unturned when compiling your personal or business financial information. Having filed tax returns for several hundred clients, we’re familiar with several industry niches, know which tax documents need to be submitted, and can even advise you on how to save on investments by opening tax-deferred accounts when necessary.

James Anderson is Your Intuit ProAdvisor in Newport Beach

Using QuickBooks® as your company’s business software makes it much easier to track payroll, keep track of your books, and transfer that information to our database. We can easily use that data year after year to ensure your tax filings remain as accurate as possible.

Keeping your books clean expedites the tax preparation and filing process, helping you receive your refund sooner than later. We take a second look at your return before the deadline to make corrections and add information that may have been left out.

Ongoing Tax Assistance

Your taxes don’t start and end at tax season—we work with you throughout the year to assist you with planning for the future. We give you the tools and supply the research you need to make informed decisions about future investments and expenses.

As your business grows year after year, we help you remain in compliance and provide cash flow projections to ensure you’re getting the most out of your profits.

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James Anderson, CPA, is well experienced with providing clients with efficient and accurate tax preparation services in Newport Beach. Call our firm and schedule a free consultation to find out how we can maximize your refunds while legally minimizing your liabilities!

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