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James D. Anderson CPA provides expert business advisory, taxation, and accounting services in Newport Beach. We conduct high-quality performance analysis and business consulting as well as tax and accounting assistance. Our firm is your partner in growing your business, standing beside you when you need us most.

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Experience and Expertise

James Anderson, CPA, has extensive experience assisting clients in growing small to medium-sized businesses. We make accounting and taxation easy to understand, as well as develop areas throughout your business where you can improve efficiency and legally reduce costs. Our focus is towards strategizing a customized plan that suits your business’s needs.

Having earned his Master’s in Business Administration, James Anderson and his team have the expertise needed to provide valuable advisory assistance and business analysis. Anderson takes his education seriously, regularly seeking out additional courses to expand his knowledge base. Together with his clients, we ensure the administrative as well as financial process remain in compliance with the latest laws and operate efficiently.

Our goal as certified public accountants is to help your business succeed in all matters, including its delivery of services and goods as well as profit and cost management. We do this by providing hands-on administration and accounting services, such as cleaning up general ledgers, walking you through developing a proper budget, and eliminating unnecessary expenses. We meet with clients on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on your needs, always staying up to date with the direction of your business ventures.

Expertise and Experience

James D. Anderson CPA remains an authority on business administration, accounting, and taxation processes. We strive to achieve the gold standard when it comes to performing our services for clients. This ensures that the businesses we help maintain their level of production while maximizing their profits and legally limiting liabilities.

We stand beside you every step of the way, from beginning business formation to developing an effective estate succession plan.

Our clients are medical professionals, real-estate developers, lawyers, contractors, insurance companies, and other small to medium-sized business owners.

Our dedication and loyalty to our business clients are second to none. Clients have been with James D. Anderson CPA for over 35 years, trusting us to produce quality results year in and year out.

We’re Here for You

With over 44 years of experience in the field of accounting and taxation, James Anderson, CPA, can provide you with the

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