Reviews and Compilations

Reviews and Compilations in Newport Beach

At James D. Anderson CPA, our dedicated accounting professionals have provided assurance services to businesses in Newport Beach and the surrounding communities for more than 40 years. We understand the intricacies of all types of assurance, including audits, reviews, and compilations. 

While providing assurance to stockholders, banks, or investors can be stressful, we look at it as a way to find new and innovative solutions that help your business grow and thrive. We work closely with clients to provide their investors or creditors with the requested level of assurance. Our services are efficient, professional, and affordable. More importantly, our stellar reputation gives our clients the peace-of-mind they need to focus their own business endeavors while we take care of the rest. 

What are Assurance Services?

Assurance services are a professional review of your financial statements, required by third parties partnering with your company. This beneficial accounting service helps third parties assess the financial risk of their loan or investment while providing your company with credibility. 

We offer varying levels of assurance, depending on what information is required. Audits are the most comprehensive type of assurance and are often required by lenders, but many creditors or shareholders require a less complex overview, such as a review or compilation. 

Our Firm’s Assurance Services

Whether you are required to provide assurance to investors or lenders or are voluntarily providing it to prove the reliability and credibility of your business, we can help. We offer three distinct levels of assurance, based on your unique needs.

Compilations - A compilation is a simple presentation of financial statements based on the financial data of your company. With compilation write-ups, our firm is not expressing opinions about the viability or credibility of the business. This is the lowest level of assurance, allowing companies to examine organized and accurate financial statements without the extra cost that accompanies reviewed or audited financial statements. 

Reviews - Our review services provide limited assurance that no material modifications need to be made for the financial statements to conform with Generally Accepted Accounting Practices. Our team of professional CPAs interviews your company’s management team regarding financial and accounting procedures to gain a comprehensive understanding of the business. Each review is personalized to fit your company and industry. We look at all accounting practices, including procedures for recording and storing data and financial actions taken at board meetings. Our reviewed financial statements include disclosure statements and all required footnotes. 

Audits - Audits are the highest level of assurance available at our firm. We take a complete overview of your accounting practices and include a confirmation of bank account balances and a thorough assessment of your company’s internal controls. We interview key players within the company to prove that your financial reports are accurate. Additionally, we offer valuable feedback, providing insight to any weaknesses in your internal controls or organizational systems, along with recommendations for improvement. A detailed report will be issued based on our findings.

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The type of assurance service you use will depend on your specific circumstances. To learn more about James D. Anderson CPA’s assurance services, please call us today. 

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